Wellbeing and health are core strands of all courses we run:
we believe that people cannot perform at their best, unless their bodies and minds are
doing the same.

We help teams create a culture where mental and physical health are seen as priorities.

Mental Health First Aid

Equip your teams with the knowledge to spot the signs of mental illness in others, and the confidence to offer assistance when required.

Movement and nutrition

Our specialist team of associates can run tailored sessions in Pilates, boxing, nutrition and fitness and lifestyle coaching.

Bespoke learning programmes

We can incorporate mental health and wellness training into all our learning delivery, or design a course specific to the needs of your people.

Why work with us?

At Amodigo, we believe in action-based learning. Instead of theoretical problems or scenarios, we
guide your teams to challenge themselves to identify solutions to real-time issues, and champion
best-practice. Together we create actionable projects that enhance your company’s performance. 

Our programmes focus on empowering teams to share knowledge: enhancing networks and
relationships within your company.

We are not just professional trainers: we are leaders ourselves with a passion for developing others
and providing excellent training provision.

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