Making our expert knowledge and training accessible is an important part of our mission. Through our
dedicated online platform, you can complete a range of career-enhancing qualifications and gain globally
recognised accreditation.

What you can expect

Our passion is to drive human performance: creating resilient, compassionate leaders. Your learning
journey with Amodigo is far more than simply completing a course specification. We coach and mentor
our learners and provide experienced-based programmes brought to life through our expertise. We live
our values and will lead you through the process, providing support at every stage.

Leadership & Management Courses

Our online courses are accredited with the Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM). Learn at your
own pace with guidance from our associates. Not only will you receive a globally recognised qualification
to enhance your employability; you will acquire a valuable network and learn from highly-experience
leaders, who will mentor and support you throughout.

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Coaching & Mentoring Courses


Our range of training courses are delivered by our expert and experienced practitioner. Our resilience
course provides you with the tools to support your personal mental health, and that of colleagues and to
adopt behaviours to overcome and bounce back from challenges and stresses of everyday life. We offer
online Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) qualifications and Awareness & Resilience Courses online on a
bespoke basis.

Physical Health, Fitness & Wellbeing Courses

We believe that maintaining physical health & wellbeing is essential to contribute to all round
performance and foster personal and team resilience. We train future human performance leaders with
our range of Physical Training, Gym Instruction and Personal Training qualifications. Our team and
performance enhancing sessions are designed to maximise team potential through challenging but
enjoyable physical activity.