We explore systemic leadership and take the initiative to view ourselves as human beings who need support to realise their potential. Our programmes create an enduring, meaningful, and sustainable impact for your business and empower organisations to thrive by creating healthy, supportive, and inclusive cultures. 

We are passionate about enabling excellent team and leadership performance. We enable the impact that you want to see in your organisation by investing in your individuals, teams and leaders. Supporting teams to maximise their performance and retain quality within your organisation by delivering programme design, delivery, consulting and team days.

Three Strands of Human Performance

We believe that the merger of simultaneous development in leadership, psychological, and physical components through systems-based approaches creates optimum individual and team performance.

Our partnerships within the marketing sector are invaluable, having delivered leadership development for some of the world's hottest marketing talent, we love to engage our creative leadership flair. Most impressively positive social purpose sits at our partner’s core. We are proud to support the leadership development of the UK's future marketing stars.


Our leadership programmes  are designed to enable meaningful change, and support the ambition of both the employee and the employer. To maximise impact, improve communication, build personal confidence and enhance relationships. We offer programmes for junior, emerging leaders as well as senior leaders who are honing their leadership expertise.

  • Bespoke Leadership Training – Create a learning and development journey based on your unique needs and goals. Our bespoke programmes can be delivered flexibly – with online and in-person learning options – and your teams will have access to our online resource centre, with ILM accreditation options available.

  • Consultancy – We can use our tested leadership experienced to work with you to identify skills gaps, training needs and a sustainable way forward to create robust, trusting teams.

  • Team Building Days – foster action-based learning in a fun, relaxed environment that focuses on trust and strengthening networks.


Enabling leaders to embrace a growth mindset and instead of challenges, to see opportunities. Good leaders create psychological safety. We help to enhance the tools to support mental health, and adopt behaviours to overcome challenges of everyday life. By conducting a thorough needs and delivery analysis we are able to build the right programme for you. We offer mental health first aid and ASIST (Suicide Prevention) training as well as bespoke mental health awareness, resiliency training and programme consultancy.


  • Sustainability –Developing leaders at all levels is crucial: your people are the foundation for your business resilience. We can work with you to empower your teams to build high-trust networks and communicate effectively: creating robust and effective processes to deliver results.
  • Mindset – We develop leaders who can engage others in an exciting vision for the future. Strong teams are those who can support and inspire each other. We will equip your people with the tools to enhance and maintain their psychological resilience and assertiveness, and give them the confidence to help develop others.

  • Skills and knowledge building – Equip your teams with the knowledge to spot the signs of mental illness in others, and the confidence to offer assistance when required. Fully accredited trainers and programmes that can deliver programmes such as Mental Health First Aid Courses.


In partnership with an renowned NGO and government department we devised and delivered a two part training programme for members of the White Helmets (Syrian Civil Defence). The programme delivered in the Middle East focused on enhancing the psychological safety and effectiveness of the rescue workers, developing psychological first aid skills to deal with the aftermath of traumatic situations.
We created and continue to support several Internal Resilience Programmes, focused on enhancing the physical and mental wellbeing of teams. Over the past year we have implemented a series of sessions for the company-wide teams, weekly exercise classes, health & wellbeing lifestyle seminars, and resilience, nutrition and stress management seminars.


Amodigo human performance is driven by our desire to maximise individual and team performance. We believe that maintaining physical health & wellbeing is essential to contribute to all round performance.

Physical health and wellbeing are central tenets of our belief that people cannot perform at their best, unless their bodies and minds are doing the same. We help teams create a culture where mental and physical health are prioritised.


  • Knowledge building – We are experts in delivering a range of teach ins and webinars to enhance knowledge around stress management, exercise, nutrition, sleep and many other areas.
  • Movement – Our specialist team of associates can run tailored practical sessions in Pilates, boxing, nutrition and fitness and lifestyle coaching.
  • A Bespoke approach that suits you – We can incorporate mental health and wellness training into all our learning delivery, or design a course specific to the needs of your people.

Why work with us?

At Amodigo, we believe in action-based learning. Instead of theoretical problems or scenarios, we guide your teams to challenge themselves to identify solutions to real-time issues, and champion best-practice. Together we create actionable projects that enhance your company’s performance.

Our programmes focus on empowering teams to share knowledge: enhancing networks and relationships within your organisation.

We are not just professional trainers: we are experienced leaders ourselves with a passion for coaching and developing others and excellent training provision.

What we do

Focusing on  three core strands of Leadership, Resilience and Wellbeing relish the opportunity to work with your people.

Methods of delivery

We offer a range of packages to support your needs, from small team training to large scale team days, we have a wealth of experience to help deliver impact for your business.

  • Bespoke design and delivery of programmes to suit your needs
  • Qualifications accredited by the Institute of Leadership & Management (ILM)
  • Online courses using our own online learning or App based programmes
  • Blended programmes using both online and in person
  • Micro Learning Webinars to give people quick and regular access to skills & knowledge building
  • Large team days and in person team building sessions

Team Development Toolkit

Designed to keep your team ticking with all of the elements they need. Strategically positioned throughout the year for best results and overall optimal performance.

What you can expect

Programmes that enhance the opportunity for internal organisational networking and cross team relationship building.

Access to a range of additional online resources supporting your understanding of Leadership, Psychological Resilience, Mental Health, and Human Performance.

Benefits from development by our exceptional community of leaders and coaches, best in class resources and annual events.

Access to programmes developed by the latest developments in leadership, psychological and human performance.

The Impact of Leadership

Studies cited in ’The High Cost of Doing Nothing’ state that companies from seven of the world’s leading economies found that, on average, only 59% of work time is productive.

What gets in the way of higher employee productivity? There are three major causes:

• Insufficient planning and control (43%)

• Inadequate management (23%)

• Poor working morale (12%)

Feedback; Amodigo Helped me to….

“Make a conscious effort to listen and use coaching techniques.”

“Improve listening skills. I am using coaching to get more out of my team and wider teams I work with.”

“Actually considering myself as a leader and recognising the impact I can have.”

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