Human Performance Course Success

Few things are more rewarding than when long term plans start to take shape.

Congratulations to ALL of our learners who passed their practical level 2 & 3 exams for Gym Instructing and Personal Training at the end of August. 

Not only were our very first learners passing their courses, but we also received a fully compliant green rating on our external verification report. 

Seeing everyone complete the course is a proud moment for Leading Purpose, we are a company that works towards the development of people to create meaningful change in their lives. Two of our graduates are working closely with 3Pillars Project which helps young people leaving prison learn skills and access outside opportunities. 

While another has decided to go on to become a tutor and assessor for the qualifications! 

We’re able to fit around your life with our blend of in person and online learning to help you get your qualification while juggling other work, qualifications or children! 

A course like this could be the starting point for a new career path and the change you seek to create a more sustainable life of significant work. View what else we have to offer using the link below!

Average price of level 2&3 Gym Instructing and Personal Training course: £1,900

Leading Purpose’s Price: £1,295

‘Leading Purpose has been a great platform for me to do my level 3 personal training. The course was explained really well and the tutors were great. Regular interactions and zoom calls really helped and they were also very patient with me when I had to put the course on hold for personal reasons. Would highly recommend this company!’ – Kevin O’Sullivan

‘I’m am currently taking part in the Level 3 personal training and I have just completed their Level 2 gym instructor course. Which went smoothly. I was able get regular communication from my tutor via zoom calls on a regular basis to see how I was progressing through the course. They made it easy for me to complete the course as I had the support I needed this also made the course more enjoyable as well. I really recommend using Leading Purpose for this service.’ – Ade Adeniran 

Reasons to consider a self employed career in fitness: 

  • Be your own boss, a great perk of a self employed career
  • Work by your own schedule
  • Create meaningful work by seeing effective training turn into tangible results 
  • Help others to achieve a happier, healthier lifestyle
  • Explore endless goals and targets to be met within your career
  • Opportuntiy to expand into a wider net within the industry