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Leading Purpose – Proud to be an ILM Approved Course Provider

Learning is vital for performance, productivity and agility, yet many professionals don’t have access to the correct training and educational tools.  In 2020, the CIPD, in partnership with Accenture commissioned their Learning and Skills at Work report.  Astonishingly it found that over a third of all employees believed that general management skills were an area in need of development and learning within their organisation, with teamwork and communication skills being two of the top 3 areas in need of improvement.

People are constantly looking to increase their skills and knowledge throughout their career.  Employees want to enhance fundamental life skills that can help them, their team, and their business.  But with the COVID-19 pandemic, it has been virtually impossible to access learning tools that can help people achieve their goals. The pandemic has also illuminated managers’ and leaders’ failings at enabling career and emotional development throughout this time.  

New learning age

The 2020 Future Learning report by FutureLearn and The Open University demonstrates how the pandemic has created a workforce that is uncertain about their careers.   15% of Gen Z and millennials have re-evaluated their career path as a result of COVID-19. One in ten younger people (8% of Millennials, 7% of Generation Z) have said they have had to move into a new industry and have required new skills to do so because of the pandemic.

And how do people up-skill and make sure they are resilient to changes in the workforce? The data states that the power of online learning. 35% of UK respondents to the survey stated that online learning will boost their professional confidence, with 40% of the UK respondents likely to take an online course within the next five years in order to grow their skill set and get ahead in their career

Online learning is a gift to learning.  It can help people equip themselves and become more resilient to organisational change….and even pandemics. 

Leading Purpose Academy

We are always eager to develop and improve our programmes. Which is why we are now an approved ILM (Institute of Leadership and Management) course provider. Our online or blended training courses include individual coaching sessions with experienced coaches and leaders.  This is a powerful tool for professionals and reaches people in all workplaces and in all industries.   

The ILM’s courses have a real and tangible impact to people. 9 out of 10 learners said they were able to apply the leadership and management skills learnt through ILM to their day-to-day job role and would recommend an ILM qualifications, programme and/or apprenticeship.  Their courses also have a real impact to businesses.  88% of employers say their business was immediately positively impacted by ILM training programmes. 

These results are real, and the courses will provide a real and palpable impact to you and your business.

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