Reflecting on Liz Truss' leadership: an opportunity to learn from mistakes

mike crofts liz truss leadership army mp

‘In a world where very little in the news seems to be optimistic: we must take on the responsibility to recognise the errors that have been made and use it as a learning opportunity to create the great!

Analysing public demonstrations of leadership is one way to reflect our own, and in this case: there is much to be scrutinised. 

Undoubtedly, you will have formed your own opinion on the recent decisions taken by the government; but have you recognised exactly the moves Liz Truss made and how her tactics as a leader lead to her resignation? 

Amodigo CEO, Mike Crofts was asked by The Independent to compare his diverse leadership experience with that of the previous PM; exploring what we can take from recent events and how we can turn this knowledge into tangible effect where we need to step up and lead.’