What is the impact of positive leadership?

“Everybody is capable of having a positive impact on the life of someone else”:

CEO Mike Crofts highlights the power of refocusing and re-honing skills to achieve a better version of yourself, and those around you.

When Mike left the Army he was inspired to set up 3Pillars Project, a charity to help improve the lives of those leaving the prison system: using the power of sport – Rugby – as a tool to connect and mentor young people in custody.

Leaders are valuable at all levels, and we all have the potential to improve the situations that we may find ourselves and others in. At Amodigo we share this passion. We are inspired by the purpose of having real impact through our work – no matter the situation people find themselves in.

Through either retraining, furthering your knowledge in your current profession or putting your skills to the test, you can push yourself further. Nowadays we have so much knowledge at our disposal, that it can be hard to know where to invest your efforts.

Mike’s guiding principle “if it has purpose and you can be passionate about it”, that’s a good place to start.