3Pillars Project

Empowering young people in the Criminal Justice System to forge brighter futures

Forging Brighter Futures

Founded by Amodigo CEO Mike Crofts, 3Pillars work with people in prison, and those recently released from prison to develop a new narrative for themselves. The charity’s vision is to become the UK’s leading sports based mentoring organisation supporting young people in the Criminal Justice System.
3Pillars Project uses rugby, boxing and fitness as a gateway to develop meaningful trust based relationships with young people. These relationships enable the team to support young people through one-on-one mentoring, personal development coaching and opportunities for employment. These programmes eliminate risk factors that lead to criminal activity, break the cycles of re-offending, and promote a successful and sustainable transition and reintegration back into the community and wider society by improving young people’s chances and opportunities.

The will to succeed

3Pillars Fitness is a UK fitness company empowering people to sweat their way to success through circuits, boxing, pilates and personal training. It’s vision is to become the UK’s first socially sustainable fitness organisation as the cornerstone of 3Pillars Project’s Fitness and Leadership Academies. We employ people who have overcome adversity to deliver excellent corporate fitness training and team building sessions.

Many of the core values used to develop 3Pillars Project are shared by Amodigo, that’s why we are so proud to continue to support the charity’s work. Teamwork, self awareness, communication and determination are invaluable qualities for those leading high performing teams.