3 ways to Make the Most of The New Year in Business

I’m always struck in the New Year, what a lull there is when people first return to work. I think this is the combination of people clearing their inboxes ready for Christmas and the number of positive impact that the break over the festive period inevitably has, meaning people find themselves looking for things to do in the first couple of days back. 

Here are 3 ways to make the most of this time of year. 

1) Plan in advance – Empty diaries? Can you take advantage of this and plan ahead for it. People are less inclined for meetings, but they often have the time to think about establishing new opportunities. 

2) Budgets – for the New Year are set well in advance, so you might find limited wiggle room for commissioning, but people are also setting budgets for the post April new financial year. Can you use the post Christmas lull to seize upon that opportunity.

3) New Year new you and invariably many New Year’s resolutions have been made in January, with a view on sticking to their new sense of discipline and diligence. You might find that you’re dealing with more professional people than you have done before. See this opportunity to mix with like-minded people exploring new ideas and self improvement. Can you develop a sense of success in 2024 alongside existing and new partners and collaborators. 

Of course these ideas could be cynical. It’s just fine for you to take the new year easy and ease into it. This might set you up for the new year just like you want it to be.